Single Ply and EPDM Rubber Roofing

Some general benefits of all single ply systems are:

  • Flame-free installation – systems are either mechanically fixed or adhered
  • Extremely durable - some systems still performing well after 50 years, enabling longer guarantee lengths
  • Outstanding flexibility at extreme temperatures - enables movement to be accommodated for and increases life expectancy
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Can often be fitted onto the existing roof with no need to strip off the original roofing system

Single ply and EPDM rubber roofing systems in Bedfordshire

Whilst we are particularly proud of our old-fashioned customer care, we are constantly striving to move forward and incorporate developments in technology and materials into our work.

As well as traditional built up felt roofing, which is common to many flat roofs in the UK, we also offer a range of single ply and EPDM rubber roofing systems.

What is single ply roofing?

The single ply roofing system is now the preferred choice of many of our customers. Decades of successful use worldwide has proved the durability and reliability of single ply roofing systems and lead to their ever increasing popularity here in the UK.

The single ply roofing system involves a single layer of sheet of high strength, flexible material being either mechanically fixed or adhered to the roof to form a continuous waterproof layer.

We are approved contractors for a number of single ply and EPDM rubber roofing systems, offering 15 to 30 year guarantees. Each system has specific unique features which make them ideal for different types of application.

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